Early Parenting & Infancy Consultation (“EPIC”) Initiative

Question: When is it time to begin therapeutic intervention for an infant at risk?
Answer: As early as possible.

Infants’ and young children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development may be at risk for delays as a result of:

  • Prenatal trauma experienced by the mother (such as accidents, losses, or other catastrophic occurrences)
  • Maternal prenatal or postpartum anxiety or depression
  • Maternal substance abuse or alcoholism
  • Domestic violence
  • Teen mother
  • NICU admission
  • Traumatic birth
  • Colic (in infants) or extreme tantrums (in toddlers or preschoolers)
  • Adoption
  • Foster care

Infants and young children are most susceptible to negative experiences and also most responsive to intervention. The earlier the intervention, the greater the chances for the establishment of a healthy caregiver-child bond which promotes the development of a secure attachment. Infants with secure attachments have a greater chance of achieving their full potential in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood (see Health Reform Act Supports Infant Mental Health)

We established the Early Parenting & Infancy Consultation Initiative (“EPIC” Initiative) to provide services for any family with an infant, no matter or great or small their need for help. The EPIC Initiative provides the following services for families from the prenatal period through age five of the child: